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Welcome to the Community Website for Belstone - a village on the northern edge of Dartmoor in Devon. If you have something to contribute please contact the editors Edwina & Robin Hill editor@belstonevillage.net

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Coming Soon to Belstone Village Hall

If an attractive young woman came up to you in the park and said: “Would you mind looking after my box – it’s Belstone Playersan emergency. Please don’t open it, give it a sudden knock, tilt it or lift it up . . . just don’t move it!” What would you do . . .? Peep in it . . .?  Throw it away . . . ? Hide it . . .? Run away and leave it . . .?
In the first of Belstone Players’ one act plays, four very different characters have their own ideas as to what’s in the box and what to do with it, which makes for some very funny interplay between them and plenty of opportunity for the audience to make up their own mind as to what the box might contain.
Little Grimley (henceforth to be known as Little Belstone) Amateur Dramatic Society is in trouble. The membership has dwindled to four – the audiences aren’t much bigger – and if they don’t come up with some rent money soon, they are going to be thrown out. “There’s only one thing that sells tickets these days”, argues Gordon the Chairman. “Sex”.  The reduced company then goes on to rehearse and perform Gordon’s own handwritten play – with plenty to laugh at and a surprising result at the end.
The plays contain some adult humour but all in the best possible taste!
The Little Box of Oblivion and Last Tango in Little Belstone will be performed in Belstone Village Hall on the evenings of February 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. A two-course hot supper to be served during the interval. Tickets £10 (to include supper) available now from Marion Walpole on 01837840498) Curtain up 7pm – licenced bar open from 6.30pm.

It's Snowdrop Time Again!

Belstone CHSW Friends' GroupYes it’s that time again! Time to don the winter woollies and join the Children’s Hospice South West Belstone and Area Friends’ Group for their popular annual Snowdrop Sunday. Andrews Corner, Skaigh Lane, Belstone will be open on Sunday 22nd February from 11.00am until 4.00pm. Entrance £4, children free.
Hitherto undiscovered snowdrops now change hands for phenomenal prices so here’s your challenge: spot one in our garden and we’ll share the profits with you!
Alternatively, just sip your soup, consume a cake (or two!) and enjoy a stroll through the garden, while the children follow the family garden trail, spot the fairy doors or play in the children’s playhouse.
As usual, there will be CHSW promotional goods for sale, as well as hot soup & bread, pasties, hot drinks and cakes; Indoor space available for those who prefer to view the garden or consume refreshments in relative warmth! So we look forward to welcoming you when you help us, once again, to raise funds for this very worthy cause.
For further information or directions please contact Edwina & Robin Hill on 01837 840332 or edwinarobinhill@btinternet.com


Belstone Films


Following a successful premiere in Belstone Village Hall last month, when it was watched by 75 people, the film of this year’s Beating the Bounds is now, as they say, on general release.  In other words, anyone who hasn’t already put their name down for a DVD version of the 48 minute opus is very welcome to contact me and I’ll make them a copy at a cost of £7.  If you were on the walk and I’ve edited some of you out of the final version you can even have the unedited outtakes stuck on the end for your very own personalised copy. 
When the ‘Book of Belstone’ was published in 2002 many of you bought the video that went with it, enabling you to enjoy 2 hours and 40 minutes of films covering over thirty years of life in the village from the mid 1960s.  Video tapes of course went the way of the dodo long ago, so I’m guessing that most of you can no longer watch these films.  So, for anyone who would like a replacement, and for those new to the village who might want to see them for the first time, I can make DVD copies from the original master tapes at the original price of £12.50 a copy.  Subjects covered include the harsh winter of 1978, the Okehampton bypass being built at Fatherford, lots of sheep footage, the Belstone Players pantomime ‘Robin Hood’ featuring Robin Hill being sawn in half, a never-to-be-repeated piece of film showing South Tawton boundary stone being dumped in the river, and my favourite, the remarkably exciting and snappily titled mid 1980s epic ‘Belstone Women’s Institute Sort Tin Foil and Milk Bottle Tops in the Back Room of the Village Hall’.
Please contact me at chris.walpole@mypostoffice.co.uk or on 01837 840498 if you’d like a copy of either of the above.  And there are still copies of the actual book ‘The Book of Belstone’ for sale which, to quote the reviews from 2002, is truly a mine of information about Belstone past and present … each time I have dipped into it I have found a new gem and just about everything you want to know about Belstone can be found in this book.

West Devon Borough Council Dog Control Orders

West Devon Borough Council have introduced new dog control orders across the Borough. There are four Orders as follows:

1. DOG FOULING. It will be an offence for a person in charge of a dog who fails to remove any dog fouling. This applies on all land open to the air in the Borough, to which the public have access with or without payment. There is an exception on Forestry Commission land.
2. DOGS ON LEADS. Dogs will be required to be on a lead across the Borough in all car parks, near retail premises and in cemeteries, churchyards and war memorials. Leads will also be required in all fenced, hedged or walled ponds, areas of water or nature reserves, together with all marked sports fields whilst organised sport is in progress . Other locations have been listed on the Schedules by some Town and Parish Councils. On Open Access Land  (Dartmoor) across the Borough, dogs are required to be on short fixed leads (2 metres or less) as required under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000, between 1st March and 31st July and at all times near livestock.
3. DOG EXCLUSIONS. Dogs will be banned from fenced, hedged, walled children’s play areas, bowling greens, tennis courts, skateboard/BMX parks and putting greens. Also dogs will be excluded from sporting or recreational facility pitches when sport is in play.  Other locations have been listed on the Schedules by some Town and Parish Council’s.
4. DOGS ON LEADS BY DIRECTION. Any officer authorised by SHDC (including certain external officers) can request a dog owner place their dog on a lead in any open public land, to prevent a nuisance or behaviour by the dog likely to cause annoyance or disturbance to any other person. This also applies to prevent the worrying or disturbance of any animal or bird.
Full details of these Orders can be found on the West Devon Borough Council website: http://www.westdevon.gov.uk/dogorde


Belstone Photographic Competition

Results of the Photographic Competition 2014 can be found by clicking here for winners or here for highly commended.


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